Jens Hagfeldt


Här är min portfolio där jag delar en del av mina projekt inom design och utveckling.

  • Balloonimals Stickers
    My first iMessage app-extension

    Balloonimals Stickers

    Mars 2017

    Balloonimals Stickers, is an iMessage app-extension for iPhone and iPad written in Swift3. The pack includes a total of 70 different transparent stickers in 10 bold colors. All of the stickers can scale in size and rotate. All the original artwork was made in Adobe Ilustrator and optimized for diferent screen resolutions by myself.

  • App Series for children
    My apps in the making

    Development of my own app series

    November 2015 - present

    I am working on building my own app series of interactive learning materials for children of ages 3 through nine. Children deserve to be able to use well structured apps in a sleek, simple design with inspiring, fun and engaging exercises that are easy to understand, has a clear purpose. That is what I am developing.

  • iOS Book Keeping App
    The transactions app

    iOS development internship

    at Strawberry Hill

    February 2014 - April 2014

    Created an extension for an existing app for one of the leading banks in Sweden. I worked together with another intern to simplify the process of book keeping for smaller companies using existing transactions, camera and image editing, PDF conversion and saving on Dropbox. It will be released this autumn.

  • Service-data App
    The SMV app

    iOS development internship

    at Itancan

    November 2013 - February 2014

    Created the UI and some parts of the backend of an app for an elevator company in Sweden. I worked together with another intern and two other developers in this project. The app was built for the employees in their service division and aimed at simplifying their ability to logg service-data when working out in the field.

  • iOS Dev Polytechnic
    C3L polytechnic

    Studying iOS application development

    at C3L polytechnic

    August 2012 - May 2014

    Two years of studying iOS & Web Development at C3L, one of Sweden’s leading polytechnics. Lessons was held at three days a week the remaining time was set for project assignments, both individual and in teams using Scrum. We also learned web programming, using HTML5, CSS, Javascript, J-query, NoSQL and more.